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Crema Marfil


Prestige Brown

Prestige brown marble is a type of natural stone that brings the brown color of nature to your living spaces. This marble, which has a fine white capillary appearance on a brown background, is a durable, aesthetic and healthy building material. Prestige brown marble is produced in Kastamonu region. This region is one of Turkey's important marble resources. Prestige brown marble can be used for interior flooring and wall covering applications, steps and decorative applications. This marble is recommended to be preferred in decorative interior applications due to its colorful and soft character. Prestige brown marble has been applied in many projects in Turkey and around the world. Add natural warmth to your home or workplace with this marble. It is necessary to use appropriate cleaning products for the maintenance of Prestige brown marble. Prestige brown marble can be applied in different areas by contrasting with light-colored marble varieties, as it has a dark color character. Prestig




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