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  • 25/06/2023

What is Marble?

Marble is a natural stone material and a product used for architectural and decorative purposes. Marble comes in various colors, textures and patterns. The quality, durability and aesthetics of marble depend on its origin, processing and maintenance. When choosing marble, it is necessary to consider these factors.

What are the advantages of marble?

The most important advantage of marble is its natural beauty. Marble adds elegance and prestige to any space. Since marble conducts heat well, it provides a cool environment in summer and a warm environment in winter. Marble is also a durable and long-lasting material.

What are the disadvantages of marble?

The biggest disadvantage of marble is that it is sensitive to stains and acids. Marble can easily stain when it comes into contact with liquids and oily substances. For this reason, marble surfaces should be cleaned regularly and coated with a protective agent. Marble can also be damaged by reacting with acidic substances (vinegar, lemon juice, detergent, etc.). For this reason, acidic substances should not be spilled or wiped on marble surfaces.

What should we pay attention to when buying marble?

When buying marble, we should first determine the size, color and pattern we need. We should also pay attention to the source and quality of the marble. We should stay away from marbles of unknown origin or poor quality. The processing and installation of the marble is also important. Marbles with poor workmanship or not properly installed can cause problems. For this reason, we should work with a reliable and experienced company when buying marble.

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