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Bahrioğlu Mermer Fabrika
Bahrioğlu Mermer Mermer Ocağı

About Us

Our company was established in 1979 in Kastamonu, Turkey. It started its activities as a small marble and mosaic workshop in 1979 and aimed to continuously improve itself in its ongoing history by adapting to the advanced mining and natural stone processing technologies brought by the age. It has been involved in many projects in the marble and mining sector since 1979 in its region, and has completed these projects as it aimed and has ensured its quality and reliability in the sector. Being aware of the fact that the best investment comes with 'people' and quality comes with people, our company acts with the idea of 'quality is the best investment' and carries out its works in this direction. Our company, which aims to carry its brand to the future, aims to modernize the understanding of marble business, to develop this understanding and to transfer it to future generations. Our company has high quality marble quarries in the Kastamonu region, known in the global market and having a high market share, in various colors. The products we produce have a high customer portfolio in the country and have been brought together with customers in many countries in the world market. Our company is taking firm steps forward to ensure its quality and reliability and to be among the leading companies by keeping up with the developing marble and mining sector in the global market.


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